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Why Every Woman Should Use a Different Beauty Routine during Summer
Many women in their thirties are more concerned about their beauty especially during the summer. You will find most people are happier when summertime arrives since they can avoid wearing jeans all the time and focus on dresses and sandals which are more comfortable. Such times require women to focus on different beauty trends so they can protect their skin and hair to blend with season.

Enjoying your skin more doing summer means it should be protected from the Sun especially since you do not want to develop wrinkles and aging signs are be in the future. Women are advised to use a facial moisturizer that has SPF of around 40 all year round which is crucial during summer. Several people always want to use lotion during the summer but choosing one with an SPF protect your arms and legs that regularly exposed to sunlight.

You should not stay out in the sun through the hottest hours of the day and make sure you apply sunscreen all over your body anytime you go out swimming or on the beach. There are multiple t-shirts, caps and hats you can enjoy from this which shop which an extra protection during summer. Foundation is a good way of giving your skin an even tone and covering flaws, but it can be too heavy during the summer and fly out because of the heat.

BB cream is better for anyone who is used to foundation since it works well for brightening the skin and hiding flaws plus it has sunscreen for an added layer of protection. Make the primer your best friend for your makeup routine during summer since it has a base which will feature a makeup and discover in place for several hours even on the hottest days. Which the regular mascara with a waterproof one so you can avoid it sliding down your face and making you look weird so out this summer but you have to use a different makeup remover get rid of the waterproof mascara.

Oil-based removers work best for waterproof mascara because it will break down the formula, so you don’t need to have your eyes. Over powdering will only make your skin look old so you can try going with your natural glowy skin, and you try using blotting papers for shiny nose, chin and forehead. Sitting out in the sun for long is not good for the skin so you can try self-tanner to have a golden glow.

Bold colors for your pedicure are nice to show your personality plus it blends well with the summer vibe. The weather in your hair is natural or colored, always go for conditioner and shampoo for color treated hair to get UV absorbing filters and moisture.

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