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Leather Jacket Styles You Need To Know About

The beginning of leather jackets dates back to the first world war, where they were used by the German pilots to protect their military uniforms. Ever since we have had an evolvement in the world of leather jackets, with many styles being designed. While in the market for new leather jacket styles, we have so many of them to choose from, here are some of them.

First of all, the biker jackets. For bad boys, really looking for something classy to bring out the bad boy in you then be sure to but this jacket. They are among the most common leather jackets, either acquire one crafted from cowhide, horsehide or goatskin. Some years back this style was common among men, but today women can also try it. Well, you can wear them with almost anything because of its style, the jeans, you look good .

We would be remiss if we did not mention of the bomber jacket. Very famous among the army, dates back to 1917. Very unique leather jacket, for the punk movement and also very famous among the gay communities. It has made its way to high fashion over the years. Its cool for a casual look, simply pair with the jeans and a t-shirt you will look unique. Its one of the best leather jackets around.

Ever heard of the field jacket. The very piece of classic military menswear. Originally it was designed in a cotton drill material but has made its way to the leather style. Very long jacket, then the two styles talked about before. It has features too, the from pockets, the hidden pockets, and the belted waist. Its cool option for men staying in regions of milder winters.

Racer jacket, another style to be aware of. As the name suggests, originally designed to protect the racer, the most common material the horsehide. There are various designs, so if you are in the market shopping for one, be sure to Pick the full grain leather jacket for this racer style. You can absolutely try it on with any clothing.

Flight jackets also make their way into the top coveted positions. Meant for pilots originally. Very bulky jackets, for more warmth. Although they can be worn by everyone, will forever be the jacket of airmen. Generally good for more warmth. Have you heard of the leather blazer, probably not, let’s talk about it. One of the greatest choice for people who want to rock a leather style to their office. Its very light leather, pair with some jeans and them boots, be sure to look good. You can find them in a longer style, whichever.

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