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Tips for Making a Quality Selfie

In the generation, we are in selfies are being used now and then. For approval on this statement you should spend some time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram and you will confirm it. A research on the usage of selfies was done on Instagram and what was recorded is that in every 10 seconds 1000 selfies appeared on Instagram. This indicated that many people love selfies. Nevertheless taking a selfie is not easy since you have to make sure you get a perfect selfie of yourself. In most cases, you will find yourself eliminating some of the selfies that you took because you are not happy with how they are. Here are some of the guides to help you take a quality selfie to post on your various social media accounts.

Looking at the camera is the first tip that you should consider when taking a perfect selfie. When taking a selfie we are tempted to position our eyes to the image that appears on the phone screen. However, there is nothing wrong about it since it’s very natural. But anyway if you want to take an impressing selfie you should make sure you look at the camera and not your reflection. Raising your eyebrows and smiling as you have never done it before will make your selfie awesome. No one will judge you for having a plastic smile on your selfie.

The second tip for taking a quality selfie is to elongate your neck. In case you are not happy with your neck in the photos that you take then it’s time for a change. It’s very important that you find the right capturing angle before taking your selfie. It’s good of you to twist your camera so that you will identify the best position for you. Then make sure your shoulders are pulled back and your neck is elongated somehow for a nice look.

Then you should make should move your phone over. You cannot take your selfie before you have tried different options for your phone position. However, you should try different body positions as you move your phone. Additionally try different settings of your phone to make sure they will give you the right thing.

Relax your lips. However you should not go for a duck style. You can opt for parted lips or closing them whichever that makes it good for you.

Then you should make sure that the light of your where you are taking your selfie from is very perfect for it. However it’s important to take care of your phone when taking a selfie and if its stolen you find a private investigator.

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