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The Benefits of EMDR Trauma Therapy Granbury Texas

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy refers to a multi-pronged psychological treatment used in treating PTSD and trauma issues. During the procedure, the therapist helps you remember the traumatic experiences in small bits. Further, the professional control your eye movement. Research indicates that the eye movement distracts your brain functioning, which, in turn, minimizes the adverse effect arising from remembering the traumatic experiences. Instead of blocking out the unpleasant memories, you relive them in a controlled environment. The following are some of the benefits you will derive from this treatment approach.

Firstly, you are less vulnerable to re-traumatization when using EMDR therapy. Many people live with devastating mental impacts, such as physical, emotional, and sexual trauma. One can relapse to the traumatic state upon experiencing a situation. However, one can effectively resist the adverse effects of trauma upon receiving EMDR therapy. For instance, if a patient was molested sexually, the treatment ensures a victim can overcome the fear of sexual activity.

Secondly, the treatment will help you identify the mental conditions that are rarely understood. For instance, several professionals do not recognize the efficient methods of borderline condition. EMDR provides a unique way of diagnosing psychological issues affecting a customer; hence, it helps identify mental problems that may have misdiagnosed.

Thirdly, EMDR facilitates holistic body care. Trauma-educated therapists utilize holistic therapy, such as talk and movement rehabilitation. The yoga and eye movement therapies are some of the strategies that help address psychological issues. When you are looking for trauma treatment, ensure the professional follow a holistic treatment approach.

Fourthly, the treatment strategy provides compassion to the patients. In many instances, patients often misunderstood by their therapists. Fortunately, therapists with trauma-informed treatment skills fill the compassion gap since they provide the care that patients lack from other professionals.

Fifth, professionals skilled in trauma therapy often help make their clients feel safe when seeking treatment. In many cases, counselors and psychologists dealing with patients with no trauma history press them to reveal their mental troubles. However, such an approach would be detrimental to an individual suffering from a traumatic experience. Thus, EMDR therapy provides a haven where patients are allowed to reveal information in bits that they can handle comfortably.

Sixth, EMDR therapy customizes the rehabilitation program to an individual’s requirement. Unlike counseling and psychotherapy that have a general approach toward mental issues treatment, this therapeutic method requires a professional to revisit the treatment program, and then define the particular condition to be treated.

Seventh, patients are assessed during each treatment session to determine the outcome of the treatment. Besides, the evaluation helps a professional learn whether a patient has other traumatic events in need of specific treatment.

The bottom line is that trauma is stored in your brains in fragmented parts. Thus, you need specialized treatment to activate the traumatic events. Trauma-informed therapists apply methods such as family systems and cognitive behavioral therapy to identify a customized treatment approach. EMDR incorporates physical movements and brain concentration to help clients remember traumatic events in manageable bits.

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