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A Look at the Essential Oils You Can Use When Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It is alarming that there has been arise in the cases of panic attacks in the current age. Adverse and serious steps need to be taken so as to deal with this issue of panic attacks since they are becoming very serious. The signs that you are likely to undergo a panic attack are that you will start experiencing rapid increase in heart rate, breath becomes short and start eating uncontrollably. At that moment when this is happening, it is so easy to feel that you have no control and just give in to the situation. Many people have sought medical attention and advice on how to deal with such situations and doctors have prescribed certain medications. Dealing with the triggers of the attacks have also been one strategy that doctors have been using in order to help the victims. We still experience and come across cases of panic attacks even though doctors have given out medication and advice people on how to deal with the triggers. Another solution has been found in scents whereby individuals experience a change in their moods once they have inhaled the scents and therefore prevent attacks. Occurrence of panic attacks and anxiety can be reduced by using some essential oils.

The first essential oil that can be used in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is Jasmine. The fragrance that comes from jasmine sets it apart from other shrubs and oils. When people inhale the fragrance of jasmine, the effect is that there is general reduction in stress and the effect is almost immediate. Jasmine works in different ways and you can choose to take it in place of tea or you can as well as apply it on the skin.

Another consideration you can make when checking out some vital oils is bergamot. The fragrance of bergamot can easily be confused with either lime or oranges. Bergamot has been long been used in the manufacture of perfumes and has been a very important ingredient in the process. The effect of bergamot is that anyone who inhales the fragrance tends to feel more energetic and relaxed. Bergamot is therefore very essential as an oil by making people more relaxed and calmer thus dealing with the triggers that cause panic attacks and people.

The triggers that cause panic attacks and anxieties can also be reduced by using lavender. There are a number of items we use on our day to day life such as the lotions we use that have been made using lavender. The effect associated with lavender is that you will feel a change of mood when you take in the fragrance. Application on your skin just like any other oil is one way of using it.

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